Adana SIKMA - Turkish Savoury Pancakes - 8 pcs

Size: 8 pcs

Adana SIKMA - Turkish Savoury Pancakes - 8 pcs should be in stock.

Sıkma is one of the rare dishes of Adana (one the cities of Turkey famous for its cuisine) cuisine that has not been well-known amongst all the meat dishes. 

Sikma it is a wrap made by wrapping a roasted onion and cheese mixture into a homemade flour tortilla made by adding bread. The ingredients used for tortilla and filling can vary from house to house, as in every local dish.


 Flour (gluten), egg, white cheese (dairy), ricotta cheese (dairy), mozarella cheese (dairy), salt, white onion, water, butter (dairy), vegetable oil.

 Instructions: Defrosted SIKMA is ready warm up in a grill or preheated oven (180-200 degrees) or on a pan for 4 minutes (both sides).

Stored frozen. Delivered chilled. 

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