BEE & YOU Propolis Hazelnut , Cocoa Raw Honey Spread

Size: 180g
BEE & YOU Propolis Findik ,Kakaolu Ham Bal Ezmesi
Cutting refined sugar from your diet? Satisfy your cravings with Cocoa and Hazelnuts
  • Only Hazelnuts, Cacao, Raw Honey and Propolis
  • Zero Added Sugar. 100% Natural
  • Clean and Sustaining Energy
  • Upgraded with Propolis for Immunity

We source our hazelnuts straight from small batch farmers from Northern Turkey and mix with our freshly harvested raw honey and cacao to create the ultimate healthy treat. Rich in antioxidants, enzymes and minerals. Enjoy the spread on pancakes, oatmeal or straight with a spoon!

Hazelnut, is a nut full of iron, fiber, minerals and antioxidants

Raw Honey, harvested straight from our hives, is unprocessed and never heated to retain it's enzymes and antioxidants. It's a great source of clean and easily digesting energy for a natural pick-me-up when needed.

Propolis is a plant resin, collected by the bees to protect their hive and the colony from microbes. It's extremely rich in antioxidants, has potent antimicrobial properties and has been used for centuries as a great immune supporter.

Our Propolis is harvested from one of the most bio-diverse regions on the planet, and is processed by expert beekeepers and scientists to retain it's superior antioxidant profile. It's especially rich in phenolics, flavonoids and CAPE, the main compounds responsible for it's health benefits.

No hidden ingredients. 100% Natural and free of chemicals, colors, GMO's, gluten and soy.