BEE & YOU Propolis Raw Honey For Kids


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BEE & YOU Propolis Cocuklar Icin Ham Bal
  • Natural Immune Support
  • Rich in Natural Antioxidants and Enzymes
  • Supports Healthy Development
  • Nutrient Dense and Healthy Source of Energy


We have formulated our Propolis + Raw Honey Mix for Kids with the highest quality ingredients to create the ultimate honey for daily defense. Bulletproof your little ones immunity with a spoon a day!

PROPOLIS is a beehive’s first line of defense against microbes and has been used for centuries for it’s potent health benefits. It contains 350+ active compounds and antioxidants that supports your immune system, fight germs and promote recovery.

We like to call it the Nature's much more powerful and healthier alternative to conventional medicine, full of chemicals and artificial ingredients.

Bee&You Propolis is harvested from one of the most bio-diverse region on the planet, and is processed by expert beekeepers and scientists to retain it's superior antioxidant profile. It's especially rich in phenolics, flavonoids and CAPE, the main compounds responsible for it's health benefits.

RAW HONEY is unpasteurized, unfiltered, and unprocessed to retain all of it’s health benefits. Not only it’s one of the most bio-available sources of energy, it’s also packed with antioxidants and enzymes to support your health and well-being.

It has been used as a natural way to alleviate cough and aid sore throat as a part of traditional medicine.

No hidden ingredients. 100% Natural and free of chemicals, colors, GMO's, gluten and soy.