Biona Organic Rye and Pumpkin Seed Bread

Size: 500g

Biona Organic Rye and Pumpkin Seed Bread should be in stock.

Biona Organik Cavdar ve Kabak Cekirdekli Ekmek

Enriched with crunchy pumpkin seeds, our organic, yeast free rye bread is a wholesome bread that’s delicious alone or with toppings. Each slice offers a satisfying texture and nutty taste, for an appetising take on a fibre-rich diet. Try our pumpkin seed rye bread toasted and spread with avocado and Biona Olive Pate, or top a slice with houmous and grated carrot to create a delectable open sandwich. Our organic rye bread is lovingly baked using traditional artisan skills, including freshly grinding grains just before baking to create loaves packed with wholegrain goodness.