Bodrum Tarhana


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Tarhaba Cips 

Why is Tarhana a Unique Food?

  •  Tarhana does not contain any preservatives or additives.
  •  Tarhana is not fried in oil. No trans-fat.
  •  With its 100% healthy and natural content, it is suitable for consumers of all ages.
  •  Source of protein. (19 g protein / 100 g tarhana)
  •  Source of dietary fiber. Feel full. (6.1 g fibre / 100 g tarhana)
  •  Naturally probiotic.
  •  Support your digestion. Strengthen your intestinal flora.
  •  It preserves its freshness at ambient temperature for 18 months.
  •  It can be consumed both as a healthy snack and also as a soup.
  •  It is low in calories. Does not fatten. It is ideal for those who care about a healthy nutrition.