Diren Kalecik Karasi Dry Red Wine

Size: 75cl

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Diren Kalecik Karasi Kırmızı Şarap

Fruity flavours such as red fruits and banana abound in this round, velvety, well-balanced wine with a long and elegant finish.

Diren was founded in 1958 in Tokat, in north-central Turkey. This mountainous region towards the north of Anatolia has been at the heart of Turkish grape growing and winemaking for centuries. Diren was founded by Mustafa Vasfi Diren in the 1950s; an inspirational figure, he created a successful and award-winning winery within a decade and secured its future bysending hi s son, Orhan, to study viticulture at Dijon in Burgundy. Today, Diren continues to produce a range of very fresh, vibrant wines.