Ege Gullac

Size: 300g

Ürünler kolilerde 15 paket olarak ambalajlanmıştır

İngridients:Corn starch, wheat flour, water Allergen warning: Contains gluten

Preparation: For 1 packet of Ege Güllaç: 2 lt of milk is boiled with sugar (600 g. ±) for 5 minutes. Put walnuts or hazelnuts in between and place them on a tray of the desired size on top of each other. or garnished with pistachios.

Güllaç dessert is ready for service after 30 minutes.

In order to prevent the taste of the milk in Güllaç dessert, it is kept in the refrigerator and served cold.

Store in a place away from sunlight, moisture and odor.