Filiz Pasta Sedanini (Inci Uzun)

Size: 500g

Filiz Pasta Sedanini (Inci Uzun) should be in stock.

Filiz Slim Long Pasta is a delicious choice. The cooking time of Filiz pasta is between 9 and 11 minutes.

Filiz, which has been the indispensable flavor of Turkish tables since the first pasta grain, offers products obtained from “carefully selected durum wheat” with high technology. Filiz products that do not make dough and do not stick and give the same perfect result every time; With its taste, consistency and quality, it appeals to those who care about taste and pasta lovers.

Pasta is a natural food without additives. European Union legislation and Turkish Food Codex do not allow the use of any additives or colorants in pasta production. After opening the pasta package, it can be stored for the duration of its shelf life. It is important to store it in a cool and dry place.