Gazi Lactose Free White Cheese 55%


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Gazi Laktozsuz %55 Yagli Beyaz Peynir

Enjoy cheese without lactose 

Our lactose-free White Cheese lets you enjoy delicious dairy, without a queasy stomach.

GAZİ White Cheese lactose free 55 % convinces your taste buds with an intensive and light, creamy taste. Enjoy it pure or marinated with some olive oil and herbs. In making white cheese, we use only 100 % cow's milk delivered fresh daily from our dairy farmers. With less than 0.1 % lactose you can enjoy this cheese carefree.



    per 100 g  
Calorific value kJ   1281  
Calorific value kcal   310  
Fat (g)   27,5  
of which saturated fatty acids (g)   18,6  
Carbohydrates (g)   0,5  
of which sugar (g)   0,5  
Protein (g)   15  
Salt (g)   2,8  
Lactose   <0,1  

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