Haci Bekir Rose Flavoured Turkish Delight


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Haci Bekir Gullu Lokum 


You will not be able to get enough of the taste of Hacı Bekir Turkish delight, which has come from the Ottoman palace to this day, prepared with the aroma obtained from the freshest roses. Haci Bekir Gullu Turkish Delight; It has been carefully prepared with its historical formula in special packages of your choice or in classic Hacı Bekir packaging.

The Turkish delight, which Hacı Bekir Efendi, who reached the rank of confectioner in the Ottoman palace, first brought to the Ottoman palace and then to the world cuisine, is prepared with the recipe unique to Hacı Bekir Efendi's kitchen and produced in accordance with special production conditions. In order to present you with the freshness of the first day, Hacı Bekir Turkish delights are packed in the production facilities where we meticulously combine tradition and technology, and your treats are prepared to take their place.

In the Haci Bekir Rose Turkish Delight package, you will find the magnificent consistency of Haci Bekir Turkish delight in the most natural form of rose aroma.


-Corn starch,
-Rose Yeast (Rose petal, Sugar)(1%),
-Acidity Regulator (Cream of Tartar E 336),
-Naturally Identical Rose Flavor (0.1%)
-Colorant (Allura Red E 129).