Harmonica Walnut Butter

Size: 250g

Harmonica Ceviz Yagi

You open the jar. The classic fatty layer of real walnuts greets you. You scoop with a spoon and taste. You enjoy and wait for a bit – after 2-3 seconds you start to feel the full, rich taste of the walnuts, a mixture of pleasant sweet-bitterness and slight tartness. You eat as many spoons as you desire and close the jar… And if you close your eyes and still taste the delicious walnut flavour, you will most probably feel as if you have been sent under an old walnut tree and its thick shade pleasantly protects you from the warmth…


100% high quality organic Bulgarian walnuts. No salt, no sugar added

Nutritional Values In 100g:


668 kcal / 2795 kJ


56.5 g

- of which saturated

5.1 g


24.7 g


15.3 g


0.1 g