Kavaklidere Misket

Size: 75cl

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Kavaklidere Misket

A different taste of Bornova Misketi, with touch of Pendore terroir: Kavaklıdere Misket…

Bornova Misketi grapes, grown in Pendore Vineyard where the micro-viticultural principles take place, are harvested by hand at night to preserve the rich aroma characteristic of the variety. All the plots, recieved by gravity system in the cellar nearby, are processed seperately and only the best ones within are selected for this unique wine.

A complementary bottle and label are choosen to reflect the expressive aromatic profile and the elegance of Kavaklıdere Misket. The millesime 2017, with relatively fresh conditions and a late ripening season, enriches the crispy character, and offers you such a flower field to be discovered, followed by lemon blossom, bergamot notes and an elegant palate with a remarkable consistency.

Kavaklıdere Misket perfectly matches with appetizers and also salmon carpaccio, roasted duck with orange, sweet and sour chicken, shellfish and sushi during your special moments. It is best when served at 7-8°C.