Kavaklidere Prestige Narince

Size: 75cl

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Kavaklıdere Prestige Narince

Kalecik Karası is prestigious grape variety of Anatolia, known for its elegant tannins, deep aromas and good aging potential. Kavaklıdere was enthusiastic about rebuilding the reputation of this variety, supported by a serious research background, and in 1989 it was the first producer to represent it as a premium varietal wine (in the Prestige Brand), with respect to its stylish character.

The grapes grown in our Kalecik Karası (Ankara) vineyard were harvested early in the morning by hand, gently processed and matured in 500 L French oak barrels for 9 months.

Prestige Kalecik Karası 2017 is best when served at 16- 17°C and perfectly matches with grilled lamb, lamb tandoori, steak tartare and porcini risotto.