Knorr Anali Kizli Soup with Bulgur

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Size: 92gr

Knorr Bulgurlu Anali Kizli Corba

Analı Kızlı Soup, a soup that is unique to Turkey's Malatya region. Analı Kızlı soup, which is served as a starter, is made with broken rice, semolina and small meatballs called nesting made with meat and chickpeas, meat and yogurt. If you want to make this delicious soup, you can look at our recipe.

Ingredients: (Powder mix): Wheat flour, bulgur meatballs (bulgur (wheat), wheat flour, salt, vegetable sunflower oil, egg yolk powder, spice mix, dried ground onion, egg white powder, ground beef), chickpeas, iodized salt, corn starch , dried ground onion, dried ground tomatoes, bulgur (5.5%) (wheat), meatballs (4.3%) (wheat flour, bulgur (wheat), ground beef, salt, dried ground onion, vegetable sunflower oil, rice , egg yolk powder, spices (cumin, sweet red pepper, black pepper, allspice), dried ground garlic, egg white powder), flavorings, sweet paprika extract, sugar, vinegar powder, vegetable oil (palm), yeast extract, mint , cumin, dried ground garlic, red chili peppers, black pepper. May contain trace amounts of milk and dairy products, celery, mustard, soy, almond, hazelnut, pistachio and sesame.