Koska Cikos Cocoa Spread with Hazelnut

Size: 20g

Koska Cikos Fındıklı Kakao Kreması

With Koska Çikos Hazelnut Cream with Cocoa, you can get one step closer to locally
produced modern flavors. In the production phase, only local products are used and the
selection is made from first quality materials. It should also be noted that the
careful choices made in the content of this product will maximize the taste efficiency
that people will obtain. This product, which will be indispensable for your breakfast tables, is also a
candidate to be your biggest helper to cope with sweet crises! In addition, you can
benefit from this delicious product without any problems during the preparation of
different desserts.


Contains Pistachio and Sesame Seed. Contains traces of hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds.