Muratbey Van Herby Cheese

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Size: 250g

EXP DATE: 23/09/21

Van Otlu Peynir

Herbal Feta Cheese is a well-known authentic cheese kind produced in some regions of the Eastern Anatolia. Natural sirmo and heliz herbs Muratbey exclusively brings from Van region increase the nutritional value of the cheese. According to common belief, this cheese was learned from a doctor coming to Van from Iran in the 18th century and became popular in the region and was first used as a medicine. These herbs used to add an aroma to the cheese, increase its nutritional value and make a safe food that can be preserved for extended time are also used to treat various health conditions including particularly urinary system disorders. Useful herbs used in its production add a superiority to the cheese with its flavor, aroma, nutritional value and convenient preservation. For those who know the best local cheese with an authentic flavor... Does not contain any GMO or Gluten.