Odysea Organic Goat Milk Kefir


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Made from 100% organic Greek goat's milk naturally fermented with kefir cultures.

Produced at a small cooperative dairy with goat's milk from herds that graze in the mountainous Drama region of northern Greece. 

The dairy is formed by a small-farmers cooperative that employ certified organic animal husbandry. The co-operative operates on a self-sufficient scheme; they cultivate their own organic seeds and greens for feeding their animals, taking care to provide them with a carefully selected mix to fulfill their nutritional needs.

Smooth with a pleasantly tart & a refreshing sour taste, is perfect just to sip off the bottle or add it to smoothies & shakes.

Packed with gut-friendly bacteria beneficial to the human digestive system. Probiotics are an essential part of our diet and regular consumption can help digestion and boost our immune system & metabolism.


Goat’s milk is naturally low in lactose and easier to digest.