Odysea Organic Grape Molasses

Size: 250ml

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Odysea Organik Uzum Pekmezi

An ancient sweetener called "Petimezi" in Greek, Odysea's Organic Grape Molasses is an intense, sweetly aromatic syrup made from concentrated organic grapes grown in the Messinia region of Greece, an area famous for its vineyards. Great as a natural alternative sweetener, it can be used in marinades and dressings or stirred into drinks as a cordial

Odysea's Grape Molasses were awarded with a gold star at the Great Taste Awards in 2015. Commenting on the molasses, the judges said:
'A delightful winey, quince-fruited aroma. Gently viscosity and shimmery in the glass. The flavour is very sweet with lovely muscatel grape characteristics. The range of flavours is wonderful with a range of dried fruit notes alongside the muscatel. We can imagine multiple uses for this from dressings to cocktails via marinades'

Ingredients: Organic concentrated Grape Must (100%