Odysea Organic Pressed Heirloom Tomatoes

Size: 300g

Our Organic pressed heirloom tomatoes are produced by Alexandros Gousiaris on his family farm in the small village of Ilias in central Greece.

The vine tomatoes are grown from heirloom seeds on his farm and are carefully selected for ripeness before being harvested by hand. They are then pressed and strained to produce a "Perasti" sauce.

Using only tomatoes grown from herloom seeds & non-GMO plants, without the use of chemical fertilisers or insecticides, our pressed tomatoes have a wonderful 'old-fashioned' flavour of home grown tomatoes..

Odysea pressed heirloom tomatoes make a delicious base for soups, sauces and casseroles.

Try using it as a pizza base topped with sliced kalamata olives & artichokes.