Odysea PDO Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tin Extra Large 3 LT

Size: 3Ltr

Odysea Yunan Kalamata Ekstra Sizma Zeytinyagi

Odysea PDO Kalamata Sızma Zeytinyağı Teneke Ekstra Büyük 3l

Odysea Greek Kalamata PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from Koroneiki olives grown & pressed in the Kalamata region, an area acclaimed for the production of superior quality olive oil and awarded PDO status. 

Kalamata region, located in Peloponnese the southernmost peninsula of mainland Greece, provides an ideal climate for the cultivation of olives, with mild winters, long hot summers and moderate wind. The name Kalamata refers to the mountainous area in the south of Greece and not the olive variety used fro the oil, which is a common misconception.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil (100%)

Nutritional values per 100ml:

Energy 3389 KJ / 824 Kcal
Fat 91.6g
- of which Saturates 12.8g
-- Monounsaturates 70.5g
-- Polyunsaturates 8.3g
- of which Sugars