Ramazan Celebration Box

Size: 1 box

This ramazan, enjoy our Celebration Box with 25% off, handpicked especially for you!

With a variety of 18 traditional products, the value of this box is £73.86 which Bonvila proudly offers to you for only £50. 

The box includes;

    • Mehmet Efendi Turkish Coffee 250g
    • Oncu Tomato Paste
    • Piyale Manti Lumachine Rigate
    • Dr. Oetker Pudding Bitter Chocolate
    • Caykur Rize Tea 500g
    • Traditional Turkish Dumplings with Mince Meat - Manti
    • Duru Red Lentil Round
    • Duru Pilavlik Rice
    • Duru Chickpeas
    • Duru Coarse Bulgur
    • Ege Güllaç
    • Knorr Soup Ezogelin
    • Knorr Soup Tomatoes
    • Koska Helva Pistachio
    • Marmarabirlik Dry Cured Black Olives 3XS 400g
    • Piyale Wheat Flour
    • Yudum Sunflower Oil
    • Hurma
    • Bonvila Turkish Pide Bread