Silex Multigrill


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Temperature setting The temperature switch can be continuously adjusted from 1 to 5 as required. Explanation of the heating levels (guide values ​​that can be changed individually) Please ensure that larger portions are grilled at level 5 and lower to level 3 - 4 for cooking. The heat regulation is fully automatic through the built-in thermostat. When the device is connected to the socket, the control lamp lights up and goes out when the set temperature is reached. Only now insert the food to be roasted. The cooking time is 1 minute per 1 cm of meat thickness, see silex® grill recipe book. If the roasting time is exceeded, the food is too dry and firm! | Basic rule Every food to be fried should be well greased on both sides beforehand or briefly dipped in an oil bath (oil, margarine or liquid frying fat). Never grease the grill plates; in this way you prevent unnecessary smoke and odor development. Cleaning The silex® device must be cleaned inside and outside while it is still hot. The sealed roasting plates should only be wiped off with kitchen paper or a cloth in the beginning. The roasting effect of the smooth roasting plates lasts for years, depending on how they are cared for. Since you always roast with fat, when using the silex® 610.15.004 a natural patina (wafer-thin layer of charcoal) is created on the roasting plates. which replaces the burn-in seal. The longer you work with silex®, the more resistant the natural patina becomes, so that you can later remove the burnt and encrusted residues with the grill spatula. These residues must be removed regularly, otherwise the plates will become encrusted and the grill heat will be greatly reduced! If the burn-in seal has been accidentally damaged and a bare area shows up, this does not affect the functionality. CAUTION! Overheated fat and oils can ignite. The use of the device and the preparation of food may only be carried out under supervision. The silex® 610.15.004 naturally gets hot during use. The device must never be immersed in water or cleaned under running water (see cleaning). Children must always be kept away from the device! Persons who are not able to use the device safely due to their physical, sensory or mental abilities or their inexperience or lack of knowledge should not use this device without supervision or instruction by a responsible person! To disconnect from the mains, the mains plug must be pulled, it must always be freely accessible. The power cord can only be changed by authorized specialist dealers (personnel). Do not use the device if the power cord is damaged. The power cable must be routed in such a way that it does not come into contact with hot parts. The devices are not intended to be operated with an external timer or a separate telecontrol system! | Technical data • Made in Germany • 2 year guarantee • Power 2000 W