Tantuni / Turkish Beef Wrap - Plain


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Tantuni without onion and tomato - PLAIN

‘Tantuni’ is a famous street food of Mersin city. When you think about Mersin city of Turkey, ‘Tantuni’ is the first thing that comes up to any Turkish citizens’ mind. It made with sliced beef and served with parsley and raw onions sumac mix, and tomatoes.

The meat in tantuni is first crushed and boiled in salted water, then fried in cotton oil. Afterwards meat is wrapped with lavaş bread together with chopped onions, chopped, preferably skinless tomato slices, green peppers and parsley. The resulting mass is seasoned with peppersalt and possibly other spices, and served wrapped in lavaş bread.

Delivered chilled. Consume within 24 hours. Not recommended for freezing.



100% Beef (Halal), black pepper, red pepper powder, cumin, sumac, parsley, olive oil, butter, wrap dough (

flour, baking powder and salt)


Ready to eat or you can heat up in a microwave or in oven (180-200 degrees 8-10 minutes)


Prepared fresh, stored frozen, delivered chilled. DO NOT FREEZE. STORE IN THE FRIDGE, CONSUME WITHIN 24 HOURS WITHIN DELIVERY.