Cypressa Coffee Charalambous Gold Blend

Size: 200g

Cypressa Coffee Charalambous Gold Blend should be in stock.

Cypressa Kahve Charalambous Altın Karisimi

A cup of Cyprus Coffee is the best way to say good morning, enjoy our friends' company and share our joys with our loved ones.

100% Arabica. Coffee intensity - 4. Since 1943.

After opening, retain the coffee in its original package and place it in an airtight container away from strong odours.

Preparation and Usage
How to prepare the perfect Cyprus Coffee

Place 70ml of water into a pot (briki) and add one heaped teaspoon of coffee (7g).

Add sugar according to taste.
Heat the solution on a medium intensity fire and stir well (clockwise) until it dissolves well.
From this point forward do not stir the solution again.

As soon as the solution begins to rise, remove from the heat and gently tap the pot 2-3 times on the kitchen counter. Heat two more times repeating the above process. As soon as the coffee begins to rise for the third time, remove from the heat and serve.