Pink Thin Peshtemal Towel
Pink Thin Peshtemal Towel

Pink Thin Peshtemal Towel

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Recipe of the week

Recipe of the week

Easy Way To Make Lahmacun

By Bonvila

This is the simplest form of making Lahmacun, for anyone with little experience making it! A traditional meal which is loved by millions around the world. Also known as the 'Turkish pizza' but is made with much thinner bases and a beautiful Mediterranean aroma!


Prepare the meat mixture. In the large bowl add red peppers, shallot, garlic, and parsley. Using a food processor chop a few times. To the mixture, add ground lamb (or beef). Season with spices and salt. Add tomato paste and extra virgin olive oil. Whizz a few times until well mixed.

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  • kolymvari extra virgin olive oil
  • lemons
  • oncu tomato paste
  • parsley
  • stand cumin powder