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Manti - Traditional Turkish Dumplings with Mince Meat should be in stock.

Often introduced as the 'Turkish Ravioli', manti are these little meat dumplings, topped with a lovely yoghurt sauce. Delicious if prepared properly!

Little Bonvila story..

We once made manti at home to see how much effort it takes to make it. First you prepare the dough, then roll it, cut into small pieces, then comes the longest part.. You fill in each little square with a tiny bit of meat and close. This can take hours and hours to do. It literally took us 3/4 hours to make about 3 bowls of manti! But it turned out to be delicious, and our little family spent some quality times together.. Will we do it again? No way!

Kiymali Manti

Stored as frozen, delivered chilled. Consume within 24 hours according to Food Standards Agency regulations.

Size: 500g

Manti - Traditional Turkish Dumplings with Mince Meat should be in stock.

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