Anthap 100% Natural Pomegranate Molasses

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Size: 330gr
  • Pomegranate Molasses is a rich source of B vitamins, as well as vitamin C and a variety of polyphenolic antioxidants. This is in addition to a low level of sugars, calcium, iron, no dietary fiber, and no fats or cholesterol. 
  • Anthap %100 Natural Pomegranate Molasses without sugar, without additives. You can use in your salads and foods.
  • 1 kg Anthap %100 Pomegranate Molasses is produced from aproxrimately 14 kg pomegranate.
  • Ingredients: %100 Pomegranate Molasses.
  • Nutrition Informatin (100g): Energy (kcal):317, Protein (g): 1,48, Carbonhydrate (g):65,8 Fat (g):0,04
  • Country of Origin: Turkey