Efepasa Pasam Parmak Sucuk

Size: 1kg

Garlic beef sausages

Paşam, which is the irreplaceable taste of barbecue, is produced from beef by combining hot spices which give its unique taste. It is aged by using the long aging process technique which is a traditional Turkish method. The ones who prefer their garlic sausage extra hot will love Paşam.

Sucuk is a cult product.

But no wonder this Turkish beef sausage with the extra portion of fresh garlic is on everyone’s lips (literally!): Efepaşa sucuk is deliciously spicy, full of turkish flavour, and at the same time more versatile than almost any other sausage. So you would like it fried? Barbecued? Used as a pizza topping? On toast? On its own with bread? All possible! And the possibilities are endless – because there are no limits to the imagination with this product.

100% pure halal beef. And the bonus: high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Versatile, tasty, nutritious – a product to emulate.