Bodrum Tarhana

Size: 200g

Tarhana cips

Tarhana for soup (Corbalik Maras Tarhanasi / Tarhana Soup)

Tarhana is a popular ingredient in Southeast Europe and the Middle Eastmade. Gama Tarhana is made of fermented pounded wheat and yoghurt. 

Tarhana for soup (Corbalik Maras Tarhanasi) is a variation of Tarhana that comes from the Kahramanmaras region of Turkey where the Tarhana is used to make a delicious salca or yogurt-based soup.


Did you know?

Tarhana is one of the first “instant” foods in the world. It is thought to have been invented by Central Asian Turks before spreading to the Balkans and beyond. 

Tarhana corbasi (Tarhana soup) is very popular across Turkey and common variations include yogurt-based versions (Yogurtlu) or spicy tomato paste based (Salcali).