Mey Yeni Raki Limited Edition Raki Glass x2

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Size: 70cl

Mey Yeni Raki Limited Edition Rakı Bardağı x2

Our brands in the category of raki, the drink that is thought to go back 500 years in history, comprise the Yeni Raki, Tekirdağ Raki, Kulüp Raki, Altınbaş, İzmir Rakisı and Yekta Raki brands.

With the lifting in 2001 in Turkey of the state monopoly over drinks of high alcoholic content and the ensuing privatization in the sector, the production of raki too was opened to the private ector for the first time and, as per the revision made in the Spirits and Alcoholic Beverages Monopoly Act No. 4250, a "definition of raki" was introduced and stipulated in the law. To Article 3 of Act No. 4250 was added the defining clause that, "Raki produced in Turkey is required to be made from suma, a distilled form of grape, or from suma mixed with agriculturally-based ethyl alcohol, which is then distilled a second time in traditional 5000-liter or smaller-volume copper flasks together with aniseed, with the total alcohol content in the product being no less than 65%."

 the Turkish national drink made of twice-distilled grapes and aniseed.