Pinar Cream Cheese Soft

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Size: 200g

Pinar Sürme Beyaz Krem Peynir

Pınar Original Cream Cheese is there for you any time of day. Just when you need that tasty snack, Pınar Original Cream Cheese will give you your very own delicious pick-me-up. Spread it on slices of toasted bread, dip in your biscuit sticks or savoury crackers, share it on canapés with your family and friends, or mix it into delicious cheesecakes. For a lighter version that gives the same creamy flavour, try Pınar Original Light containing 43% less fat. Pınar Original is produced and refined purely from milk for your enjoyment and satisfaction.

Nutritional values per 100 g/ml
Energy (kcal/kj): 249/1031 | Fat/(g): 24 | of which saturates(g) 16 | Carbohydrate(g): 3,5 | of which sugars(g): 3,3 | Protein (g): 5,0 | salt(g): 0,80