Beypazarı sade Soda 6lı


Beypazarı Maden Suyu, with half a century of experience, has been started in 1957 as a family business. The establishment, continuing under the management of the second generation, behaves with the understanding which serves human health, protects and warns its consumers on the subject of healthy drinks. Beypazarı Maden Suyu which manages to fill 300 thousand bottles an hour, closely follows the industry developments proves to be the master of the shelves observed in the bottling process of the natural mineral water and up until it reaches the customer, by protecting product quality and naturalness. Beypazarı Maden Suyu is the most trusted mineral water brand for human health due to mineral content values and hygiene.

The company with a 27% domestic market share, largest in the industry, is effective abroad as well and at the moment has exports to 17 countries. Beypazarı Maden Suyu which has proven its trustability by the awards it has received was found worthy to be the “Best Mineral Water” in 2009-2010 and to receive the “Consumer 2010-2011-2012 Quality Award” as the most trusted brand for quality. “AB QUALITY AWARD 2010-2011-2013” was given.