Tadim Roasted Peanuts

Size: 150gr

Tadim Roasted Peanuts should be in stock.

Tadım Kavrulmus Fistik

Freshest and most delicious peanuts are offered to you only by Tadım.

Vitamin B1 contained in peanuts is necessary for the burning of blood sugar and for the protection of cardiac health. Peanuts protect you against aging and reduce the harmful effects of smoking and alcohol intake. They reduce the cholesterol level in blood and help with the efficiency of brain functions, such as comprehension and learning. Vitamin B3 is a food that boosts blood circulation and sharpens the mind. In addition, it contains the calcium mineral necessary for muscles and nerve conduction. As a food that contains pulp, peanuts help protect against cancer, as they reduce the time that carcinogen material remains in the bowels and they also reduce contact between the intestinal walls and carcinogens.