Introducing Manti to Bonvila: our quick guide to this popular dish

Introducing Manti to Bonvila: our quick guide to this popular dish

Manti is a well-loved traditional Turkish dish. Often called “Turkish ravioli” or “Turkish dumplings”, this simple but homely food is a staple to the Turkish dinner table. We’ve compiled 3 key points to guide you through this popular Turkish meal and how best to enjoy it.

Although it is a simple meal, Manti dates back thousands of years. The region of Kayseri in Turkey became known for its Manti, and it is still famously made there today. Check out this article for more on Kayseri cuisine and its history. However, it is not just in Turkish culture and cuisine where Manti makes its mark. Manti can be seen in Central Asian, Armenian, Afghan and Arabic cuisines too!

When it comes to making Manti, at Bonvila we believe in trusting the experts. In our fast-paced and hectic lives it is difficult to find the time to dedicate to our home-made recipes. If you did want to make Manti from scratch it can take around 4 hours! Here at Bonvila we understand the importance of authenticity in our cooking. So, for our Manti we are proud to work with independent Turkish women in London who make the Manti fresh from home. Their skilled hands will create these delectable dumplings for you, so you can enjoy a truly authentic and homely meal.

You can enjoy Manti with tomato butter sauce and yoghurt [link] . Another popular way that the Turkish enjoy this dish is with a touch of hot pepper flakes, yoghurt and some sort of homemade chilli sauce [link] (perhaps a mix of butter, olive oil and hot pepper flakes). If you like, you can even try a sprinkle of dry mint to give the meal a little something extra.

You can buy Manti and any toppings you need from Bonvila now!

Article by Melanie Marti.

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