Bonvila Nostalgia

Bonvila Nostalgia

“I remember when I was around 10 years old, on Sundays I used to wake up hearing the person who sold simit out in the streets, shouting out “Simitçiiiii”. I would jump out of my bed, run to my mum shouting “Mummy, he is here, he is here!”. Then my mum would give me a few coins and I would rush down to buy those crispy delicious simits. Those simits would make my Sunday mornings magical. It would bring the whole family together, we would eat, talk and laugh for hours. Those days I miss, I miss a lot. Simit takes me to those days, reminds me of pure joy, my childhood and my family.”

By Ceren

Photo: Eminönü & Galata Bridge 1981
Sergen Erkarslan

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